Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A year in Review

So I know I've been horrible about blogging. Here's a quick review in pictures of what we've been up to!

July 2011
 Trip to Nauvoo 
and Texas 

 August 2011

Kayley's first solids

Camping at the beach

First day of 1st & 2nd grades!

September 2011

 Kayley & me in Utah

At the Damascus Fair

October 2011
Lily turned 4!

Ginny turned 8 and for her birthday got....


Kayley saw her first snow!

The kids got to play in our first snow of the season
Happy Halloween!

November 2011
Ginny was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

We relished in the joys of the Fall!

We ate a lot....(Happy Thanksgiving)

and we got ready for the beautiful Christmas season.  Don't worry, I did not put baking soda in our hot cocoa...

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kayley Belle

Well, our little girl arrived late as usual! I was induced at 42 weeks and was able to have a mostly unmedicated birth (had to have pitocin, but made it without an epidural! I know, I'm a superstar :) at least I felt like one) ! She was born at 9 lbs and 3 oz and has been such a joy! She is a good sleeper and eater and is growing really well. All of her sisters absolutely LOVE her! Ginny likes to carry her around and talk with her to see if she can elicit a smile. Audrey loves to be close to her and around her. Lily loves to hug and kiss her and Sydney tries really hard to take care of her (not-so-gently giving her a paci). She is already able to roll over (she started that at 2 months old). She gets really excited when it's time to eat and loves to be bundled up to sleep. She is particular about who holds her and can always tell when Mommy or Daddy isn't holding her. We've taken her to the pool a few times and she seems really calm in the water. She LOVES her bath time and will kick and kick to her hearts content. She does wait until the waters done pouring to have her fun, though! She calms down really easily when I talk softly with her; I think she knows we will do our best to help her. I feel so grateful to have her as part of our eternal family! Here are a few pictures of her first three months....enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Science Fair

The girls had a fun opportunity to participate in their school's science fair. I don't remember much about science fairs as a kid, so I let Robert take charge of this one. They experimented with soda and candy to see how big of a geyser they could get. He worked out the whole plan with the kids and was such a trooper in helping them gather their information. I had a fun time making the display with them. I think they both had a ball and it was such a fun thing for them to do. They gave every kid a medal, which totally made their day.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

38 weeks

Here's a preggo picture of me at 38 weeks. In case you're curious I am currently at 41 weeks...induction is scheduled for my 42 week mark - this coming monday. And lest you think I always put myself together, this was a rare day I had to go somewhere, so I actually got dressed. Wonder how much bigger I can get by Monday...
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fall 2010

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Fall 2010

Lily at her Super-Why party. Despite the picture, I think she had a good time.

Ginny insisted on having a snake party - and she wanted it to be a rainbow snake cake!
I can't believe how big she is getting!

Here are our little super-women at Halloween. Lily wanted to make sure that everyone knew she was Super MAN, not super-girl! Audrey is Word-Girl and Sydney is her side-kick (Captain Huggie-Face).

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